Hydration Life Jacket 

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Traditional life jackets will never be worn the same, thanks to The Hydration Life Jacket!

The Hydration Life Jacket Co. introduces a PATENTED, USCG APPROVED new innovation in marine safety.  Developed with an advanced all-in-one life jacket design to keep everyone safe and secure, even under extreme conditions.  Equipped with a built-in hydration system, waterproof pocket, and neoprene hood, The Hydration Life Jacket incorporates the best features in modern safety and technology. 

Hydration System with Inline Water Filter

Wearing a life jacket while fishing, boating, or swimming can save lives. Staying hydrated only increases your chances of survival in the case of emergency. The Hydration Life Jacket is fully equipped with a built-in hydration system that incorporates an optional inline water filter, designed to filter out 99% of viruses and bacteria.

Waterproof Pockets

Out of the 70 million people going to the beach each year, most will put their cellphone and car keys under a beach towel, or inside a pair of shoes when hitting the water. The Hydration Life Jacket provides practical personal protection for all belongings. The insulated waterproof pockets are ideal for cellphones, gps systems, even car keys.  Having the ability to call for assistance when needed is the motivation behind this feature. 

Protection from the Elements

The Hydration Life Jacket not only helps to prevent dehydration, it also provides vital protection against the sun, wind, and rain. Designed with a built-in neoprene hood, the Hydration Life Jacket will provide protection from the heat helping to prevent sunburn, or even protection from an unexpected rain shower.  Insulated against the cold and heat, the hydration life jacket provides dual protection.  

Invest in the Hydration Life Jacket today!

The Hydration Life Jacket has received U.L. certification and U.S. Coast Guard approval  by exceeding all testing standards.  The Hydration Life Jacket Co. is currently seeking a business partner to help bring this product to market.  Invest today and become a part of the development for a new, higher standard in marine safety.  

* 70 million people go to the beach each year.

* 10 million people register their motorized boats each year.

* 12 million people go on cruises each year.

* 40 million people go fishing each year.

* 500,000 active U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard.